Who am I?
I’ve really been creating my entire life.
A maker at heart, I studied fashion and architecture. My 2 loves.
After graduating with degrees in Fine Arts and Interior Architecture from RISD, I started my career as an interior architect 30 yrs ago and then launched a furniture and furnishing line in NYC in 2001.
Since I can remember, I was always drawn to the sensitivity of touch!
and feeling the soft surface texture of fabric in fashion as well as utilitarian materials used in construction, so after launching my sculptural foam furniture collection, I decided to design my own line of textiles that would bring those 2 elements together into one signature material.
In 2003 I developed a sculptural molding technique and creating surface textures that would...        "Draw the eye in to feel and the hand to Touch!" 
I began translating these textural surface panels into home furnishings until I 
found my way back to fashion as I realized the integrity of the fabrics I was producing was an asset for bags not only for its tactile surface but lightness.
Since 2006 I’ve designed, produced and launched custom textiles for bags and home furnishings that reflect my life through materiality content, pattern and surface texture.
I am so proud of my latest AV custom molded textiles and bag collection.
This material surface pattern is truly self reflective.
The AV monogram and integrity of material speaks to what I am.
Being a vegan, I chose the latest innovation in alternative leathers.
This Collection was Inspired By:
 Premium Cactus bio-based vegan leather is one of the most durably used skin byproducts for plant based leathers.
 The luxurious feel of this leather, custom molded into the AV surface texture, embodied in classically designed sculptural shapes is meticulously handcrafted with custom hardware and lining in a cohesive collection for woman and men.
Fact: Animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change, among 1/3 of the water on the planet and 45% of land usage not to mention that the tanning process uses chemical compounds.